What makes Elios suits so special?

These days almost all wetsuits sold by major brands are made under contract
in the Far East by a couple of big manufacturers ("outsourced") who
specialise in the manufacture of mainly surfing wetsuits. The quality of
these suits is generally pretty good (but "Friday afternoon suits" do
happen!), and they tend to have lots of features added that look good in the
shop (but are often of doubtful usefulness in real life!)
They are normally made from very soft neoprene's, which feel good when new (and allow most people to fit in a small range of standard sizes) , but often have a fairly short lifespan in use due to compression

Elios are different

All Elios suits are handmade by a small, experienced workforce who take a
real pride in their work, in Elios's own workshop. This gives them complete
control over quality and materials, and means they are constantly
experimenting with new materials to deliver the best product. The suits are
simple in design, but perfect in function. The quality of construction is
unbeatable. Every single suit is inspected by the owner before being sent
out. Split seams, unravelling threads or other construction issues just
don't make it out of the factory.

Elios specialise in made to measure, but also do a range of 25 standard
sizes, far more than any other manufacturer, ensuring everyone can have a
perfectly fitting suit with no compromises