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Lukes first big bass
Dave Pearce with an 8kg Greek Dentex
Gary and Colin with some nice cod
Ross Waters with 14.5lb cornish pollack
Liz's Bass 5 and 8.5lbs
Mark's Last Bass of the year (and biggest ever)
1/11/2006 - 5 1/2 lbs
Bass Kebab Anyone!
Lee's Bass 28 May 2005
Mario and some fish
Tom baker 3lb Bass 2lb Mullet 2005 Cot St just
Martin Mynne fish of 2005 so far
Colin 26/07/04 while he should have been
working, 7lb, 10lb both out of the same hole!

Martin Trotsky with his 2nd placed catch at the 2001 Talland Bay Competition
Clive Thomas with 8lb &10lb mullet taken near Portland
Greg Holmes, first UK bass
Dave Thomasson with 8.5lb bass, North Cornwall
Gary Roach, 8lb bass, Portland area
Colin Chester, big bass 2001
Pollack, North Cornwall Summer 2002
Bass, South Devon 2002
Clive with 10lb & 12lb bass